Goodshit 624 Fred & Don April 2009

Goodshit Radio 27/04/2009 0

we back on the podcast

The show as mp3

don martin:
freddie foxxx – crazy like a foxxx (crazy like a foxxx 1994)
freddie foxxx – 8 bats to catch a bad one (crazy like a foxxx DITC version 1993)
krs one – sound of da police
krs one & buckshot – robot (2009)

cy young & kaimbr – shark food (prod. kev brown)
finale intro (prod. ???)
finale style (prod. kev brown)
finale senator (prod. waajeed)
pete rock & grap luva – collectors item (prod. pete rock)

don martin:
dj revolution & bootcamp – start the revolution
dj revolution & guilty simpson & royce – do your thing
atcq – check the rhyme
tommy tee – go gold ft. g-dep, tash, loudmoouf choir
q-tip, mos def & k-tash – body rock

fred fades:
raul supreme – r2d2 (prod. raul supreme)
ill knowledge – the masses feat. maylay sparks (prod. kg boom)
kankick – thursdays at the goodlife (prod. kankick)
biz markie – ??? kankick remix (prod. kankick remix)
frank n dank – love (a thing of the past) (prod. dilla)
hassan mackey – war (prod. kev brown)


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